Before you buy that handy portable charger.

What should you know before you buy that handy portable charger?

Being “on the go” is normal these days. Just about everything is made to keep-up or aid you in your pursuit. Travel size, portable, compact are just a few words that my eyes light up for. I instantly think “this is just what I need” before proceeding to buy two (okay three, it’s my thing). One of the best things I’ve added to my carry-on bag and purse is my portable charger. Can we scream “LIFE SAVER” please? It took me a while to purchase a portable charger because I wanted an ideal shape, size and best quality at a favorable price. I also did quite a bit of research to prevent ruining my phones’ battery.

Remember when your advance placement teacher told you that trig-analysis would be used in your everyday life? Today isn’t one of those days either. But simple math is very helpful here. Here’s what you need to know…

That odd number on the portable charger “5500 mAh” is the battery’s capacity. “mAh” stands for milliampere-hour which is how the battery’s capacity is measured. This is also tattooed on all of your rechargeable electronic devices; cell phones, tablets, vaporizers *curves side-eye*, the list goes on.

First things first, take note of the mAh on the devices you are looking to charge.  
Example: Cell phones (iPhone: 1500 mAh, Android: 2100 mAh)
For a portable charger to perform well on your device follow this rule of thumb: double down at minimum. You want a portable charger that carries at least a mAh double the battery capacity that you are looking to charge.
Example: Cell phones-portable charger (iPhone: *3000 mAh, Android: *4200 mAh) *at minimum.

Usually I go for 3x’s the power at minimum (I told you it’s my thing) to have enough power to charge up multiple times. Connecting a power source that is weaker than the battery's capacity that is being charged can cause the battery to overwork and drain faster. Ever seen the daunting “unable to charge” message? It’s telling you, “You ain’t got the juice like that” (Drake wrote that, I’m sure of it). Follow the double down at minimum rule of thumb and you’ll be charged up in no time.

What portable charger did you decide to buy or do you have?

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