Your Luggage. Your Life.

Your life In Your Luggage



Over the 2015 into 2016 holiday season I received word from a dear friend (Thanks *E!!) to look out for a package coming my way. I thought nothing of it as we’ve helped each other in various areas over the years and my mind was occupied with a few of life's anguishes at the time.  Life has a way of moving as fast or slow as it pleases and you either keep up, stand still or surrender; there’s no wrong choice here, you just have to use your better judgement to determine when to do what.
One cold snowy day the package arrived and I tossed it on top of beaten, stuffed luggage that was dying to be relieved and unpacked from its prior international trip duties. Days continued to go by along with great life moments, some clearing of hurdles and some new ones to conquer.  As each day passed I looked at that unopened package on top of that unpacked luggage and declared 
“I will get to it soon”,
 silently beating myself up as it felt like a life reflection instead of a minor reminder to do a chore...

"Think it. Say it and actually follow through on it. That's how this is supposed to work. That's how it use to work." 
Have I fallen short on self-commitment? Was everything “piling up” and becoming overwhelming from my own personal lack of following through? This is not who I am. Is it? No. Not me. I’m a person of my word, everyone knows that. *Light Bulb* “Everyone Knows that.” I became a master at following through for others and fallen short when it came to me.  My priorities had shifted and I didn’t even notice....

Happy New Year! No resolutions just actions, embracing the seasons and saying “YES” to myself.  I LOOKED AT THAT PACKAGE FOR THE LAST TIME. I unpacked that suitcase and ripped open that package like a kid on Christmas. The contents gave me so much joy!!! Two custom brand T-shirts and a handwritten note made up the package. The words on the handwritten note meant so much to me. It reminded me of my gumption and ambition to go out on a limb and do the things I think of or simply want to do. My ability to support ideas and creations that are not my own without filling threaten or left out. My self-assurance while being inspired and that life might be short but it’s also as magical and as real as you have the courage to make it. I’ve made small steps towards proving to myself that I can depend on me again. My 'gut' is regaining trust. The gap between thought and doing is closing back up. But the best part; halfway through this new year (2016) I will soon get to wear those two shirts. (SN: I had a wonderful month long trip planned prior to my birthday in March yet that trip had to be cancelled.) So with my, “Yes to me! Just go for it.” attitude, my flight is booked and my mind is ready to embrace and explore. Bold moves only and long time coming but I will be once again be Black & Abroad!

*Washington, DC native Eric Martin is co-founder of Black & Abroad™, a cultural collective dedicated to celebrating the black travel experience and bridging the social gaps among the diaspora. Eric currently lives in an airport, on a plane, somewhere on God’s green earth and Atlanta, GA.

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