This is Thirty Plus

This Is Thirty Plus

Entry 1:

  •  This is Thirty Plus


    Entry 1:



    Let's chat for a second...
    It is perfectly okay for you to have a #sidehustle and for that side hustle to remain a side hustle for as long as you like! You do not have to quit your day job. Some people actually like/love what they do for a living *shocking. Some people do not have the desire to be self-employed *I've never been one of those people. Even while "working", "I AM WORKING" (If you know, you know).

    Self-employment, entrepreneurship, freelancing, contractual work is not equivalent to a walk in the park. Your hours are unconventional, you'll miss out on a lot of things, you'll get judged heavily for not being traditional and you'll have to learn how to be self-reliant over and over again.

    A lot of us growing up [especially in DC] were taught to graduate from high school and get a "good government job". That was taught by parents in survival mode *that's a different cautious tale*, which was taught to them by parents who just wanted "better" for their kids. LISTEN! Unlearning is a full-time job within itself. You might have heard the words, "you can be anything" while growing up but was the "anything" part clarified? Hey, and let's not forget what you were "taught" (see above).

    I'm in awe by the possibilities that life has to offer no matter what path you choose.

    I went to a distillery and was reminded brewing is chemistry. I witnessed a car accident and heard all the sounds that were created by sound engineers. I watched festivals flow seamlessly because of the details and hands of the production and light crew. My point is, all the little things of the big things are opportunities.
    I know, "If you only knew." or "If someone would have told you when you were younger." *raises hand* I'm guilty of it too. *SCREAMING* You know now. You can (still) be anything, now more. And you can do it at the pace and level that fits the life you are destined to live.

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